Raids on Two Dog Fighting Operations in Progress

December 10, 2009. Search warrants are in the process of being executed on two suspected dog fighting operations in Wilkinson County, GA. approximately15 dogs involved at one location and 40-50 at the other. One location is within the City of Gordon.

For specific addresses/directions, please contact Chuck Simmons, lead investigator, who will be on the scene and moving between both locations.

Norred & Associates Inc, an Atlanta private security firm, initiated an investigation last month based on information received on its dog fighting tip line. A coordinated investigation among Norred, Wilkinson County Sheriff’s Department and the Gordon Police Department uncovered evidence supporting information that the two locations are dog fighting operations.

“Many of the dogs, which were being kept in deplorable conditions, bear scars and wounds that are consistent with those found in other dog fighting operations,” says Norred Investigator Chuck Simmons.  “We’ve also found fight training equipment at both locations and a dog fighting pit at one.” 

Though the raids were conducted simultaneously, the two cases are considered to be independent of one another.

The raids are being carried out in conjunction with The Atlanta Humane Society, who arrived on the scene to provide transportation and medical care for the dogs.

For almost two years, Greg Norred, CEO and Founder of Norred & Associates, has been contributing his company’s time and resources to investigating suspected dog fighting in Georgia and Florida. The company’s toll-free animal cruelty hotline—1.877.215.2250—was instrumental in today’s raids. Encouraging private citizens to report animal abuse, Norred and Atlanta Humane have joined forces to investigate dog fighting and rescue abused dogs.

Norred and Associates, Inc. is an Atlanta-based private investigative and security firm with offices in twelve states and operations throughout the US. By contributing the firm’s professional investigative resources and funding the toll-free, pit bull fighting tip hotline, Greg Norred is committed to building awareness of the felony crime and ultimately ending such activity

The Atlanta Humane Society and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inc, established in 1873, is the City’s oldest, private, nonprofit animal welfare organization. The Society has long worked to overcome the problem of pet overpopulation and to encourage pet adoption while providing a variety of programs and services driven by the needs of the local community. Among those initiatives are generating awareness of dog fighting and working to stop the crime by educating young people.

Chuck Simmons
Onsite Private Investigator
Norred & Associates

Judy Landey
Media Consultant
Judy Landey & Associates